“Last Viking of Norway” now available on Amazon

Here it is! It is finally out. My literary debut. I have to admit for someone who is doing this for the first time ever, the self publishing process proved to be more complicated and way more stressful that I anticipated. And I did anticipate blood, tears and all that… But after all I can proudly say that it is out! https://www.amazon.com/Last-Viking-Norway-Harisson-Shaws-ebook/dp/B08FGBPYNV/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=last+viking+of+norway&qid=1597231891&sr=8-1

I tried to do just by a lot of things. I was always admirer of history, lover of myths and legends. And creating this one, I only hope I haven’t failed. To all who give this book a chance I just want to say thank you. Go in with an open mind, a free heart and a light soul. Know this book is not perfect, not revolutionary. It is just a tale of a young man, who like most of us, is trying to find his place and purpose under the endless sky of destiny. Understand him, even if it might prove difficult at times. Was his mindset right all along, or was the war he waged unjustified? That is up to you to decide… All I can ask is for you to try and understand, that even if he didn’t want to, he was pushed to make a decision, to save his people at the price of his own life.


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