A toast

“Yesterday’s dreams and smiles and drunken toasts are today’s ghosts.”
― Robert Black—

I raise a glass,

For the fallen brothers,

To the ones who even beaten and bloodied laid on the floor,

Smiled back to the world taunting is this the best it can do!

Your courage will be remembered!

I salute the lone wolfs,

Who even without a pack,

Teeth flashing and growling at their oppressors,

Always stood their ground.

Showing there is strength in self belief,

not just in unity.

Your fearlessness will inspire!

To the warriors,

Who carry their scars inside and out…

I bow…

For it is your power to hold on that gives me strength and your ruthlessness to keep on walking despite the heavy conjecture of the world…

As it is your prowess that shines eternal…

To the ones who withstand the constant storm of chaos…

You are not alone…

We are many who succumb bellow the pressure of dark thoughts and taunting of despair, there are many who walk side by side with sorrow from dawn to dusk… but we do not walk alone… for it is not the darkness of our being that enwraps us, but the night of the world…

And know below the midnight sky you do not stand alone…

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