She was a storm

She looked like the heart of a storm,
Fierce and unrelenting,
In her path nothing stood.

But the storm is lonesome,
As it trembles into the night
Without meaning or purpose.

As it’s in the nature of chaos,
To burn and destroy,
Her touch left her alone,
In her eyes I saw the prison of the soul,
Trapped to suffer,
By her own volition,
Her own intent,
Her own choice…

But she was a storm…
Unobtainable and unsettled…
Mending her heart, caring for it,
She warned I will get burnt…
Through her fire I walked,
In hopes I will light the desire to love…

I embraced her chaos, held her beating heart,
As it listened to the music of my own,
Song of one became the music of two,
Singing in unison,
As I embraced her…
I became a storm…

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