Broken rage

A beautiful thunder arose in me.
The eternal flame I carried,
Fueled by hatred of my own image,
Despising my own actions,
The constant echo of my unworthiness,
Spoken by others,
Ushered by myself,
Denied by all..

Rage I burdened.
What I thought as my weapon,
My shield, my armor,
Became my demise,
Eating the heart that once wanted to beat,
To love,
To care…

But a thunder arose in me.
A beautiful, unrelenting and unequal.
A different kind of rage.
A rage that hated what I became,
A shape molded by them,
Filled with metal of corrosive words and promises,
That couldn’t stand on its own.

Rage consumed me,
Turned me to demise.
Rage delivered me,
It broke the mask that was put on.

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