Light that never came

To you my love,
A broken thought,
Just a dream,
To you my love,
Only problems are the one of the heart.

But a broken mind can not love,
A locked thought becomes tortured,
As the care for which it yearns is twisted and taunted,
Always grasping but never to hold.

Yet that thought has desire,
Which reaches a new high,
Soaring above its demons,
To protect which it cares.

But the dark beneath never vanished,
As it pulls and grips,
The thought of love and care,
To place it in the bottom,
Its resting place.

But even broken,
The mind always yearns,
Clouded with darkness it knows,
The light of your embrace,
Never to be held,
Never to be loved,
Never to be cared,
But yet the broken mind yearns,
For the light that never came…

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