You forever

It’s you, always you
In my every thought, feel,
In every waking moment
It is you who inhabits the smallest of spaces, bars between words left,
Emotions untold, it was always you,
The main character of the story that I spoke.

Even my wandering mind,
Knows the beauty of your voice,
The tune that echoes,
My heart’s vibration,
The missing heartbeat that lives.

Even distant,
Your image never ceasing,
Forever burnt in my subconscious,
The hidden motivation unraveled.

It’s you…
The light of my dusk,
The life of my life,
The essence of my being,
It will be always you…

Light that never came

To you my love,
A broken thought,
Just a dream,
To you my love,
Only problems are the one of the heart.

But a broken mind can not love,
A locked thought becomes tortured,
As the care for which it yearns is twisted and taunted,
Always grasping but never to hold.

Yet that thought has desire,
Which reaches a new high,
Soaring above its demons,
To protect which it cares.

But the dark beneath never vanished,
As it pulls and grips,
The thought of love and care,
To place it in the bottom,
Its resting place.

But even broken,
The mind always yearns,
Clouded with darkness it knows,
The light of your embrace,
Never to be held,
Never to be loved,
Never to be cared,
But yet the broken mind yearns,
For the light that never came…

For your word I wait

The question often asked,
But never answered,
From your lips it won’t leave.
Mesmerised by your strength,
I wait,
The eternal guardian of your secrets.

But to what extent,
Does your trust reach,
Coinciding with my patience,
It walks a narrow line.

I stand, waiting,
For the grateful word of your will,
Caught in the moment of suffering,
Will your heart sing my name…

I became the storm

I feel the rumbling storm approaching…
The thunder pounding, like a hammer on an anvil,
It tears and rips through the darkness.
The wind howling, in its way it strikes all,
As the black clouds descend.
In the middle of it all…
I stand…
Feeling the rain on my cheek,
As the thunder speaks to me…
It tells a tale of remembrance,
It speaks of a future yet unknown.
I stand and listen,
Every word,
Every whisper,
Every thought…
As it collides and shifts,
One movement becomes many,
I feel it…
For the heart it sings,
Striking and tempting,
Throwing a tantrum of a spark,
To ignite the will that sat in darkness for so long…

I am the impending storm…

I dream of love

I dreamt a dream…
Holding my whole heart…
But awoken there it laid,
Shattered in my hand,
I wept as I slept…

In that undisturbed slumber,
I saw a light,
Shining a way forward,
Whispers of sweet words,
Kind and long forgotten,
Like a tale of yore,
Telling a legend that I stopped believing a long time ago…

We all deserve love…

Locked past

Who yearns for my presence,
Sending sweet whispers of memories,
Like wine, intoxicating, remembering every

Never forgotten, always remembered,
We meet in that brief moment,
When the night sky envelopes,
On the last tick of the clock,
On the plains of our own creation,
What once was,
Now in my arms held…

With eyes locked,
I will share my passion for farewell,
To you,
Who came before,
Holder of memories,
Keeper of my secrets,
With eyes on the horizon,
Knowing where you lay,
My truth of all love.

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