Truth of Love

My darling
You do not know
The sufferings of a fool
The incompetence of a bastard
Who knows only pain

Kissing the problem
Your need to heal
Transcends the need to love
To understand

The beauty of your eye
Sees the peak of a mountain,
Afraid to gaze at the bottom,
Well aware you might find,
The pit of darkness.

To you,
My dark a curse,
A withering disease,
And your arms the cure needed.

But the truth,
Stands in front,
Prideful and a sinner,
That it is love I crave,
And understanding I require.

Dark heart of a cynic

It is not the soul of the believer
That shines so brightly
But the heart of a cynic
Plunged in the world of chaos and disorder
It is dark and withering,
Striped of all light,
Forced to look at the world
With eyes of real.
But in that dark, a shimmer of light remains.
Unlike the one that believes,
The cynic relies on the hope given,
Not on the hope wanted.

In the darkness of the world
The innocence of a man is not lost,
But turned and twisted,
To horror and despair presented.
But he who sees the planes of earth
For what they are,
The future is what you make it to be.

Your beautiful love

It is a beautiful love,
The one untainted,
Thoughts of future and the burden of past.

Where eyes meet together,
Bonding of arms and closeness of heart,
When the pain becomes one,
Dread disappears,
Problems stay,
But hope lingers.

And in that moment,
Fear fades, irrelevant,
With hands held,
Greeting the dawn of the new day,
And with it,
Fresh hope that it brings.

Her fear, mine.
My burden, her choice to carry.
Whatever the new day brings,
Be it a red sunrise,
Or a dark eclipse,
Two hearts beat as one,
In an endless musical of life.
In its grand scale,
To them,

With old age Wisdom came

Beaten by the sands of time I stand,
Waiting for the moment,
A stroke of luck.

They told me with age wisdom came,
And I waited, eagerly,
Just to never arrive.

With the passage of time,
Only scars remained.
Bruises, cuts and gashes,
To tell the tale of bad luck.

Now aged and battered,
I sit and wait,
To what it all came up…

You forever

It’s you, always you
In my every thought, feel,
In every waking moment
It is you who inhabits the smallest of spaces, bars between words left,
Emotions untold, it was always you,
The main character of the story that I spoke.

Even my wandering mind,
Knows the beauty of your voice,
The tune that echoes,
My heart’s vibration,
The missing heartbeat that lives.

Even distant,
Your image never ceasing,
Forever burnt in my subconscious,
The hidden motivation unraveled.

It’s you…
The light of my dusk,
The life of my life,
The essence of my being,
It will be always you…


With eyes of jade it smiles to me,
Looking down it bows to thee,
Smile crooked and teeth black,
Sweet whispers, words to attack,
It calls on to my name,
With a soothing voice to blame,
Telling, nudging and begging
Towards mistakes it pushes me away.

That beast in the back of my mind,
Telling sweet words,
As I decide,
To break, to go,
One more step then needed,
Then required I know.

But I fall a victim to it,
Never innocent I try,
To grab what is not mine,
And in the attempt to reach,
I feel it, burning in my soul,
My heart enslaved as it takes the toll,
Grasping for the unforgiven,
Tumbling in the dark as I fall.

Light that never came

To you my love,
A broken thought,
Just a dream,
To you my love,
Only problems are the one of the heart.

But a broken mind can not love,
A locked thought becomes tortured,
As the care for which it yearns is twisted and taunted,
Always grasping but never to hold.

Yet that thought has desire,
Which reaches a new high,
Soaring above its demons,
To protect which it cares.

But the dark beneath never vanished,
As it pulls and grips,
The thought of love and care,
To place it in the bottom,
Its resting place.

But even broken,
The mind always yearns,
Clouded with darkness it knows,
The light of your embrace,
Never to be held,
Never to be loved,
Never to be cared,
But yet the broken mind yearns,
For the light that never came…

Falling disgrace

I am thinking of the end again.

The thoughts that were once locked,
Escape through the cracks of pain,

My future unclear,
As my past muddies the water.

The once vivid vision of a better future,
Now escapes my grasp,
And I fall,
Trying to hold on to something,

The firm Earth pulled beneath my feet,
I fall to the dark’s warm embrace,
And it asks, softly whispers,
As an old friend not seen for so long,
“Yet again we meet?”

Suffering of fools

Not to my liking
The mask worn, cracked.
Scars of the silent pain,
Never seen.

What horror does it hide,
Untold beauty of suffering,
Held by nothing,
By will and devotion.

Played in the rules of society,
Ridiculed by the ones who suffer the same.
I ask the question,
To those who feel the same pain,
Whose words pierce my weary heart,
Is kindness so estranged,
By you,
The ones who understand
The agony of life?

For your word I wait

The question often asked,
But never answered,
From your lips it won’t leave.
Mesmerised by your strength,
I wait,
The eternal guardian of your secrets.

But to what extent,
Does your trust reach,
Coinciding with my patience,
It walks a narrow line.

I stand, waiting,
For the grateful word of your will,
Caught in the moment of suffering,
Will your heart sing my name…

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